Mission: #GambiaRiverRun


Follow Paul and Alex‘s 2017 journey as they take on the challenge to run the distance of the River Gambia, 696 miles (1170km), along waterside trails, tracks and paths.  Track their virtual progress as the move upstream in support of some incredible work in the real-world global community.

LIVE NOW #EventGambia  virtual run!

Don’t delay – enter today. Places are limited (we only have so many medals and t-shirts!!) SPRING OFFER entry rates! All proceeds to charity. Run any distance, run any where. Your individual miles also get tallied up with the wider public and collectively contribute to virtual laps of the 696 mile river, competing against Paul & Alex in their virtual river run.

Enter and join #TeamGRR by visiting our Virtual Run Page


Purpose: Run Miles, Grow Smiles #Miles4Smiles

The miles run will help raise awareness and money, and create a running community with an increased knowledge of the challenges and needs in rural Africa.

Working in partnership to support entrepreneurial, local, rural communities to develop agricultural gardens aiming to improve income, health and nutrition.

With specific focus on helping start-up female co-operatives that benefit the heart of the family home; and community school garden projects that provide education and self-sustained school feeding programs to improve a child’s
concentration, health and overall well-being.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together!

– African Proverb

We need your help. We’ll achieve this working with the UK registered charity, United Purpose, local NGO’s and community organised co-operatives, all about supporting hard working teams to grow a bigger and brighter future.

The Gambia- “The Smiling Coast of Africa”


As momentum builds, and more support is building every day, we can currently announce that we are proudly supported by the following sponsors

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